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    In the event of an objective impossibility for the guest to reach the hotel as a direct result of an official and explicit travel warning issued by the ministries of the Italian Republic or the ministries of the country of origin for the period of travel (e.g. such as "traveling to ... is not recommended") of the guest, all deposit payments will be converted into a voucher for Hotel La Fiorita with a validity of 2 years. In all other cases, the normal cancellation conditions of the tariff booked apply. Since travel warnings can be adjusted according to the dynamic situation, i.e. issued or modified, we will check the requirements for issuing the voucher no earlier than 4 weeks (not earlier) before the respective check-in date of the respective booking.

    Optional ERGO insurance at a discounted price

    Thanks to the partnership with ERGO insurance, within 48 hours of booking you can take out an insurance that covers cancellation costs in the event of illness, at an affordable price. At this link you can buy the insurance The insurance is a contract between the guest and the insurance institution, the Hotel is not involved. Our rates are already extremely flexible and we also have the COVID protection clause found above, however in case of other sudden illnesses, there are cancellation fees. By subscribing to this insurance, you will then obtain reimbursement of the cancellation penalties from the insurance (if provided for by the insurance conditions).

    Vacation in safety

    To guarantee you a serene and safe stay, we have designed a security protocol, in compliance with the indications of the competent authorities and regulations

    This protocol will be constantly updated, to adapt to any regulatory changes, so we invite you to visit this page frequently. Obviously if the numbers of the infections continue to fall, it is expected that the regulations will become less rigid and we will adapt the protocol promptly, balancing your comfort and your and our safety.

Assicurazione facoltativa

Optional ERGO insurance at a discounted price

Thanks to the partnership with ERGO insurance, within 48 hours of booking you can take out an insurance that covers cancellation costs in the event of illness, at an affordable price. At this link you can buy the insurance The insurance is a contract between the guest and the insurance institution, the Hotel is not involved.
Our rates are already extremely flexible and we also have the COVID protection clause found above, however in case of other sudden illnesses, there are cancellation fees. By subscribing to this insurance, you will then obtain reimbursement of the cancellation penalties from the insurance (if provided for by the insurance conditions).

Modernity, space and no groups

Our hotel was completely renovated in 2016-2017 and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and features, which contribute to making your stay safe and comfortable. A second strong point are the wide spaces: from the bedrooms, to the terraces, to the garden ... crowding risk is reduced to 0. Furthermore, we would like to specify that we never welcome large groups: ours is a hotel mainly for couples and families.
Test rapido di emergenza

Rapid emergency test

Since the health of all our guests and our team is particularly important to us, in emergencies we have the option of offering our guests, who believe they are developing certain typical symptoms, a self-test, if it needs to be particularly quick, without giving a certificate.

Check-in online

Online check-in

Before arriving at the hotel, you can upload the data of your identity documents from the comfort of your home independently. Upon your arrival you will only be required to show them quickly to verify the correctness of the data and you will immediately be given the key.
Chiavi smart

Smart keys

The key to your room is a simple white card, each key is disinfected before delivery and will also allow you to open the parking gate, all in contactless mode.
Distanza interpersonale

Interpersonal distance

We ask all guests to keep a distance of at least 1 meter from other guests, not belonging to the same group. Signage is present throughout the hotel. In the common areas indoors, the mask must always be worn, except at the table for meals. 
The most distinctive feature of our hotel is human contact, this time however no handshakes and hugs. Let's defeat this enemy together and we'll be back to hug soon!
Gel igienizzante e guanti

Sanitizing gel and gloves

There will be several workstations in the hotel (bar, lounge, toilet, gym, reception) where you can quickly sanitize your hands with> 60% alcohol gel, extra safety for everyone. We invite all guests to frequently wash their hands with soap and water, preferring this solution over the use of gel. It is mandatory to wash your hands after using the toilets, do it for you and for others.
We will also provide disposable gloves if they are needed. Gloves should also be frequently sanitized with gel or washed with soap and water. Masks, disposable gloves and surface disinfectant will be available to guests who request them. In addition, each object supplied for use by the facility to the guest will be disinfected before and after each use.
Pulizia delle camere

Room cleaning

For cleaning, we consulted several experts and studied the indications of the health authorities. At each change, the chamber will be cleaned and sanitized with cleaning products and disinfectants based on hydrogen peroxide or alcohol (surfaces) or chlorine (floors and bathroom). All our rooms are without drawers, without carpet, without rugs or runners. The sofas and headboards are in eco-leather, safe and easily washable materials.
The part of the curtains that is touched by guests to open and close them will be sanitized with an alcoholic spray, compatible with the tissues and effective virucidal.
Cleaning will concern all surfaces that have come into contact with the guest, such as bedside tables, desks, chairs, tables, any furnishings, amenities, telephone, remote control, handles and push-button panels and wardrobes. Particular attention will be paid to the surfaces that are most often touched: light switches, handles, TV remote control.
Guests who prefer to avoid cleaning their room during their stay can inform us at the reception. We can supply cleaning products directly to you.
We ask all guests to open the room window completely at the time of check-out, in order to air the room, before the cleaning lady arrives.
Ristorazione sicura

Safe catering

Safe buffet
The buffet is accessible after hand sanitization and always wearing a mask. All staff, including waiters, always wear masks and frequently sanitize their hands.

The tables will be very distant from each other, in order to guarantee that each group will be at least 1 meter away from the others. In our hotel space will not be a problem. Each table will also have disposable tablecloth and napkins. Oil, cheese and salt will be supplied in single use form. The same indications apply to any dinner. You will not need to wear the mask while sitting at the table. At the end of each table service we will carry out all the usual surface disinfection measures.

Air in the dining room
We will encourage the exchange of air indoors and we will totally exclude the air recirculation function for air conditioning systems.

Reception sicura

Safe reception

It will be possible to communicate with the reception at any time with the room telephone, with whatsapp from your smartphone or directly on site. The reception will be protected by special panels and the surfaces (including counter, keyboard, mouse, telephone, desk) will be disinfected several times during the day, and in any case after each check-in / check-out and at every shift of employees .

Temperature measurement

Every day we measure the body temperature of the employees and collaborators of our hotel, at the beginning of the work shift, which must never exceed 37.5 ° C.

Common spaces

Our hotel is equipped with all comforts, the access door is equipped with a photocell, so you will have one less handle to use. We will ensure frequent cleaning and disinfection of all the handles and handrails.
Lavaggio biancheria

Laundry washing

Used linen will always be carefully kept separate from clean linen and kept in closed containers. The washing of the laundry will take place, as always, with disinfectant additives at 60 degrees for at least 30 min. The drying will take place in spaces not accessible to the public.
Lavaggio piatti e stoviglie

Washing dishes

All dishes, cutlery and glasses are washed and disinfected in the dishwasher at suitable temperatures and products, including objects that have not been used, if there is the possibility that they may be touched by guests or staff.


The lift can be used simultaneously only by members of the same group, intended as staying in the same room. Max. 2 persons. If you do not have particular walking problems, we do not recommend the use of the lift except for handling luggage. We will sanitize the buttons several times a day. We invite clients to press the buttons using their elbows. Using stairs is good for your health!

Entrance and exit

We have prepared two separate one-way paths to enter and exit the hall, with clear indications. In the corridors we ask you to always keep a distance of at least 1 meter from other guests not belonging to the same group. In general there are few handles to use in the hotel, whenever possible try to open the door without using your hands.
Piscina e giardino

Swimming pool and garden

Our swimming pool is treated with a cleaning and filtering system and the bacterial load is kept under control with chlorine, effective for bacteria and viruses. We carry out frequent tests through an external laboratory, to ensure that everything is always under control. Our garden is also very spacious and all guests will have enough space to relax, without having to stay too close to other guests.
The deckchairs will always be at a minimum distance of 2 meters between people belonging to different groups.
At the end of the day all sunbeds are sanitized.
The children's pool can currently be used by one child at a time. The large swimming pool can be used by up to 10 people at a time.


Access to the SPA will be allowed to a single group of guests at a time, upon reservation. By group we mean people staying in the same room. After each use the SPA will be properly sanitized. Furthermore, since the sauna has a temperature above 60 degrees, it does not require disinfection, as confirmed by the manufacturer. For the Turkish bath we will set the thermal shock function after each use that brings the temperature to 90 degrees for at least 20 minutes. At the end of each use of the SPA we will guarantee at least 1 hour of non-use and we will sanitize the surfaces.
Aria condizionata

Air conditioning

The air conditioning system of the rooms cools the air of each room with cold water, without taking away the air from the room, so there is no passage of air from one room to another. The air filter of each chamber is periodically cleaned and disinfected with specific products, as per the manufacturer's instructions. The vents and ventilation grills will be cleaned with clean microfibre cloths moistened with soap and water, or with 75% ethyl alcohol.
Accesso fornitori esterni

25/5000 Access to external suppliers

In order to limit contact with staff and guests, suppliers of goods and services that enter the hotel structure will preferably use paths dedicated to them as well as all the safety precautions and prevention systems indicated by the structure itself, including having always the mask and the measurement of body temperature, which must not exceed 37.5 degrees.


In the gym there is a sanitizing gel dispenser. In addition, there is a paper dispenser and an alcoholic disinfectant spray in the gym. Before and after using each tool it is important to clean the touched surfaces.

What to do if you're sick?

If a customer experiences symptoms of respiratory infection or fever, he will be required to notify us immediately from his room by phone. You can always ask to check your temperature with the thermometer supplied with the hotel. The hotel will immediately contact 112 and activate the procedures provided by the health authorities. It is mandatory to stay in your room, unless otherwise indicated. If the person experiencing symptoms is an employee or collaborator, they must immediately stop their work.

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  • "Lovely, friendly hotel with pool right by Lake Garda We spent a lovely week here. Limone is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains right by the lake. The hotel is great- comfortable, clean and well thought out with quiet rooms. We loved the garden and pool right outside our room. The staff were friendly and Matteo at reception was incredibly helpful and well-informed. His restaurant recommendations were also very good. A great holiday. Thanks to the Seggala family from Diana, Paul and the boys."

    Lovely, friendly hotel
  • "Perfect family run hotel in Limone We loved our 1 week stay here (a family of 4, with 2 young kids). The room was great, on the ground floor and with super easy access to the garden and pool. It was so nice relaxing there with brilliant views all around. It was never too busy, but had a good atmosphere all the same. All the staff were excellent and very friendly and take real pride in the hotel. Limone is only a short walk away and the lake is on your doorstep, just a few minutes away. So glad we booked here and hopefully will get to return soon. Thank you!"

    Perfect family
  • "This is the second time that we have stayed at Hotel La Fiorita and I would happily come back again and again. This is a wonderful hotel run by a wonderful family. Nothing is too much trouble. The view is stunning over the lake. You are only a short 10 - 15 minute walk into Limone and only a 2 minute walk to the lake. The pool is large and inviting with plenty of space to sunbathe around. The hotel was refurbed not that long ago and the rooms are lovely. Definitely would recommend"

    This is the second time
  • "Great family hotel! Very quiet and cosy. Everything is fresh, interior is up-to-date. Rooms are clean and very thought through. Pool area is also enjoyable.
    Covid protocol is followed in a convenient and effective manner. Everyone books time for breakfast and orders food and drinks on-line. As result - no crowds :)"

    Great family hotel
  • "Clean, friendly and accommodating Loved my stay here, the hotel was spotless and the staff were super friendly."

    Clean, friendly and accommodating
  • "This was a lovely hotel just on the outskirts of Limone, within moments of Lake Garda and with views of the mountains. It is friendly, informal and clean with a pretty garden with a swimming pool. My family had a really relaxing break here and Matteo and the team were very helpful. Highly recommended."

    This was a lovely hotel
  • "Family stay with 2 small kids Positive: very nice and helpful staff, breakfast very good with basic Italian products. On demand lunch - also very tasty. Dinner only in specific hour, however, low cost and very tasty home made Italian food. Very beautyful garden with nice swimming pool and second one for small kids. Silence silence silence !! - you may really rest. Short walk form "city center". I really don't see disadvantages ;) Good work and hope they won't change :) Negative: I really don't see disadvantages ;) Good work and hope they won't change :)"

    family stay with 2 small kids
  • "Great family hotel with really helpfull attitudes, excellent breakfast, we will stay again! Hotel close to the beach, 1 minute, very clean swimming pool, spa! Nothing was problem. Beach towel must pay 2 euros, but no problem. Wifi works super. Hope stay again."

    Everything was great!
  • "Great hotel and location Lovely family run hotel. Stayed on a B&B basis and hotel was well placed to walk to several restaurants, the lake itself (main beach 5 mins walk away or down the side of the hotel in less than a minute you could get into the lake for a swim). Lovely pool, we had a family room with two bedrooms which was more than adequate and a great size bathroom. Pool was a good size and there was also table tennis. Limone itself is a beautiful town with some great restaurants."

    Great hotel and location
  • "Brilliant view with generous room Positive: The view is amazing, basically you directly see the breath taking lake view from the balcony. Room size is generous and staff is very friendly. We didn't try the swimming pool and other gym facilities but would love to explore it next time visit there. One thing worth mentioning that it provides parking onsite, and it takes only 10 mins to walk to the town centre, alongside with beautiful lake view on the way! Negative: If anything, maybe the breakfast can be better based on the quality of other facilities. But it could be also that we got up very late and missed some good food. Fried egg is fresh though:)I understand this is standard checkout time but would still love to get a later checkout exception rather than 10/11am LOL"

    Brilliant view
  • "Great hotel with extremely supportive staff. We enjoyed every moment we spent in this hotel. View from room 401 was stunning. I would recommend this hotel to anyone!"

    We enjoyed every moment
  • "Beautiful place! Can’t recommend it enough. You won’t regret staying here :)"

    Beautiful place


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