Church of San Rocco

It is located in the north of the old town, just beneath the rocks of the mountain overlooking Limone. It’s dated mid 16th century, built by the inhabitants of Limone as thanks for being saved from the contagious plague that struck in those years most of North-Italy. It seems that during this epidemy, San Rocco visited Limone. The church was then completed and enriched in the next two centuries with frescoes and with the construction of the bell tower. During the First World War it suffered extensive damage. In 1957, during restoration works, some of the ‘500 painting came to light. The catholic mass is celebrated here on the day of San Rocco (16 August). From the church patio you will have the most famous view on Limone.


Limonaia del Castèl and Oleificio (oil mill)

Of particular interest are, to have a taste of the history and tradition of this magnificent territory, the Limonaia del Castèl and the Cooperative Oil Mill Possidenti Oliveti. The “limonaia” (literally the lemon greenhouse) has been restored to its former glory and it opened its doors to the public so that you can learn the ancient art of citrus cultivation. The Oil Mill produces excellent extra virgin olive oil from Garda DOP (Protected designation of origin, PDO) that can be also purchased in the mill.


Museum of the Comboni Tesöl

Saint Daniele Comboni, founder of the Comboni Monks movement, was born in Limone sul Garda, in a poor family that lived in the house of the owner of the Limonaia Tesöl. It might be interesting to visit the small museum with the house of Comboni and the small “museum of curiosities” set up by the monks.

Tourism Museum

The Museum of Tourism, promoted and inaugurated by the local administration in March 2011, narrates through images and other documents the gradual transformation of Limone from small fishing and farming village into a touristic destination. Here you will be able to see photos of the first hotels and camping places built in Limone, and compare the modern look of the town with the old one. Some areas of the museum are also dedicated to Saint Daniele Comboni and to the apolipoproteina, a special gene discovered in some of the inhabitants of the country.

Parish Church of St. Benedetto

The Church of St. Benedetto (Benedict) is now the seat of the parish of Limone and, therefore, the place where the Catholic Eucharistic celebrations take place. It dates back to 1600. For those interested, at the church you can find many artistic and architectural information about the building. Of particular impact is the external bell tower in white stone, with a onion-shaped roof.


Villa Boghi Park

Villa Boghi is a big liberty villa, now the seat of the Municipality of Limone sul Garda and derives its name from its ancient owner, Antonio Boghi. At the beginning of '900 was the seat of the offices of the Social Republic of Salò, and some years before it was even home to the German High Command. The villa is surrounded by a wonderful garden with many species of plant, that can be enjoyed during a romantic walk along the gravel paths; nearby there is also the Limonaia, that now houses the Fisherman's Museum. In the North part of the park you can admire a bust of St. Daniele Comboni, who was born in Limone.

Church of San Pietro in Oliveto

The small church is located on the road to Tremosine, in the heart of the olive grove and it dates back to 1186, thus it is evident the Romanesque style, with a single nave; inside you can admire the beautiful frescoes (one of which represents San Pietro) discovered in the late '80s, during a restoration. Mass is celebrated here on St. Peter's day (June 29). Details of frescoes are also visible on the outside walls.


Fishermen's Museum (Limonaia Villa Boghi)

The Fishermen's Museum, developed by the municipality, is located inside the Municipal Park (formerly Villa Boghi). Here you can discover the traditions of the rural fishery and the secrets of the cultivation of lemons, with many objects and photographs, which were given as gifts from many families of Limone. Before or after the visit we recommend a walk in the park of the Villa, where there are many plants, flowers and a beautiful pergola of roses.


Hike to the Baita Segala

Every Sunday from June to September guided tours to Bonaventura Segala mountain hut. Despite the name, it is not linked to our family. The surname Segala is, in fact, one of the most common in the area.
The tours are organized free of charge by the Alpine Group Limone.
The trip starts usually from the Bar Turista at 8.00 am and the return is at 17.
The route goes through Milanesa, and then continue along a trail. The path is initially difficult, then more easy. Near the top of the Cima Mughera at 1,161 meters above sea level, by turning right for a hundred meters, you can get to a hill from which you can enjoy a fabulous view of Limone and Lake Garda. Baita Segala was built in 1975 by the ANA Group of Limone sul Garda, on the ruins of a military construction of the First World War. The return to Limone can also follow other trails that lead to Dalò mountain hut. You will have to bring with you a packed lunch and appropriate clothing.


Hotel La Fiorita is located just a few meters from a romantic pebble beach, where access to water is possible both through the docks and through a small natural sand beach. After a refreshing swim in the lake, we recommend a bath and a shower in our garden, and then you can get ready for the dinner. This is the rhythm of a holiday at La Fiorita. If you want to visit other beaches of Limone, here is a list with a small description. Many of these beaches (Tifu, Cola, Torrente San Giovanni) are within easy walking distance along the lakefront.

Beanch Grostol

It’s the closest beach to the center of Limone, pebble-sand and open access. It is located under the Hotel Astor. Ideal for families, the Grostol Beach offers spacious, shaded areas thanks to the surrounding vegetation. Within walking distance from the beach there are bars, restaurants, pizzerias, all ideal places where to enjoy a quick lunch or traditional dishes of the area.

spiaggia grostol

Beach Cola

It’s the closest beach to the big parking place of the center. It’s made of gravel, but those who like comfort can rent sun beds, chairs and sun umbrellas. There are also shaded areas, where to shelter from the sun.
Lovers of water sports can find boat rentals and pedal boat rentals. The beach has a toilet and there are kiosks bars for refreshment. Within walking distance there are restaurants and pizzerias.

spiaggia cola

Beach Fonte Torrente San Giovanni

It’s a pebble beach located near the beach Cola, or rather to the left of the Torrente San Giovanni. It is ideal for those who like sports, due to the beach volleyball field on the beach and water sports, as there is on the beach a windsurfing school. From here you can depart for the walk along the Torrente San Giovanni, which reaches the Milanesa mountain hut. There is a pedal boat rental. The beach has a toilet and there are kiosks bars for refreshment. Within walking distance there are restaurants and pizzerias.

spiaggia san giovanni

Beach Tifù

Open access beach in stones, located near the Garda Camping and Hotel San Leonardo. It offers spacious, shaded areas thanks to the rich vegetation around. The beach has toilet facilities, a beach volleyball court, a sailing school, pedal boat rental, rent of chairs and sun umbrellas is also available. There is a nice cherenguito where you can relax and listen to some nice music.
You can also find here the Circolo Vela Limone sul Garda.

spiaggia tifu


  • Vittoriale degli Italiani (Gardone Riviera)
  • Tremosine
  • Malcesine and the Palace of the Captains
  • Civic Museum of Riva del Garda
  • Arboretum of Arco
  • Galleria Civica Segantini (Arco)
  • Sirmione
  • Thermae of Cola
  • Cima Altissimo, Monte Baldo Cableway to the top of the mountain
  • Bardolino
  • Desenzano del Garda
  • Salò
  • Museum MUSE (Trento), science and history.
  • Museo MART (Rovereto), modern art.